Paul Wirasentosa

I am 65 years old. It hase been almost a year I felt pain under my right hip and like a lump. The activity disturbed and felt uncomfortable. I couldn’t sleep well. I also couldn’t sit linger because of pain increasingly felt. I’ve sort of therapy but the results are still the same, the pain back again. I ended up trying to one where treatment of bone are booming in Jakarta and undergo treatment package for 4 months. But after 2 months off the treatment, the pain come again.

My first encouter with Luvina in the exhibition at Sampoerna Strategic mid December 2015. I look and wonder, then I decided to buy and try Luvina Back Stretcher. Once I reached my home, I immediately use it accordance with the instructions. 15 minutes every day. The first day, I felt the heat at the waist after treatment. The same was I felt when I try it in the expo. Due to easy usage and can be done anywhere with no need to go anywhere, so I do routinely everyday. On the 8th day, honestly I feel the difference quite significant. I feel more relieved and pain reduced censierably. Which makes me happy that because of reduced pain and make me sleep deeply, so I feel much more fresh in the next day.

To this day has been running almost one month, he continued to conduct his wn treatment at home. Yesterday afternoon, staff Luvina contacted him for checking and he said thank you, really thank you I met Luvina. I would feel more fresh now. The pain had gone down a long way and I will continue to do this treatment. I can carry my little grand child again now.

From Mr. Paul (Jakarta)


Olla Manik

I am 26 years old and I returned to Indonesia for New Year Holiday with my family in December 2015. Incidentally my mom asked me to accompany her to go to SWAM JCC Exhibition of Beauty and Health. This is my first time met with Luvina. I saw Luvina booth at the front with large banner: Solution for Neck Pain, Shoulder, Back and Waist. I was idly trying, assisted by Luvina staff. My problem is pain in waist during my period time. After I tried Luvina Back Stretcher in 15 minutes, I walked around in the exhibition. Whle I was walked I realize that my pain was relieved and I decided to buy and bring it to Canada. Till today I still use Luvina and it helps a lot to relieve my pain. Thanks Luvina. Appreciate it!

From Ms. Olla (Jakarta)



I am a career woman who works at a multinational company in Jakarta. Routines and demands of my works are very high. Sometimes I can spend very long time at the computer. As a result, I have felt an incredible pain in the bank and neck. I was miserable all the time and my work activities disrupted. Fortunately, my friend recommended using Luvina Neck Stretcher. began to use this tools a home and in a relatively short time, my pain gradually improved. I highly recommend Luvina Neck Stretcher to you, especially for anyone who has the same experience as me.

From Ms. Cici (Jakarta)

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