Welcome to Luvina!

Luvina Indonesia Sehat is a sister company of Veneta System that provides products and health devices for treatment and exercise for our healthy body especially to relieve neck pain and back pain. With the concept of self- treatment revolution, Luvina Indonesia Sehat provides products for your health without consume any drugs at affordable prices.

Our Vision is to bring solution that adds value for overall human health and carries products that of the highest standards with the innovation to benefit the people in everyday life.

Our Mission is to introduce to the public a variety of tools that provide health care benefits to the lives of many people without the need to consume drugs and to share tips and knowledge about health so we know how to maintain our daily life in a good ways.

PT Luvina Indonesia Sehat turn your pain into happiness.

Luvina Self Treatment Revolution, Solution for back and neck problems, only 10 minutes a day at your own time.

Our Health Is Our Investment. Good Health Good Life.

Prove it by yourself and see How Luvina works to change your life and turn your pain into happiness.