Nyeri Euy

Beware of Neck Pain

Ordinary neck pain is followed by stiffness in the neck region. This stiffness causes the patient difficult to move the head to the side. Sometimes pain and stiffness are also accompanied by head pain, shoulder pain and arm pain.

One simple solution is to prevent neck pain by changing the habit of sleeping position. A doctor at MT Haryono, Dr. Sri Muliani suggested that sleep sideways with a 30-degree curved hip. Bend also knees about 30 degrees.

“Position the neck slightly ahead of the pillow to lengthen spinal muscles,” he explained

For supine sleeping position. You can put a pillow that is not too thick under the knee and a roll of towel under the back. So the back pressure is reduced.

At least recommended sleeping on his stomach. Sleeping this position puts a lot of pressure into the spine. The result can be bone degeneration.

However, if neck pain lasts for months should be checked to a specialist bone and check x-rays. It could be a serious neck pain problem.