Part of the process of body repair, partly in the heart, occurs when a person sleeps However, the repair process is determined by the quality of sleep which is characterized by adequate sleep. Not too long or too long. Both lack of sleep and sleep Too long to have their own way of influencing heart health.

How can sleep patterns affect heart health?

Either sleeping too long or repairing it too long is a risk factor for heart disease. This is also common, in which around 44% of people with coronary heart disease are also considered to suffer from sleep disorders. The researchers believe that the irregular sleep to heart health in two ways, namely:

1. Direct effects on physical health – through the effects of lack of energy, increased influence, increased appetite, secretion of the stress hormone cortisol and inflammation of blood vessels due to blood pressure and heart rate.

2. Indirect effects through patterns – sleep patterns of unhealthy lifestyle conversations caused by mood, change and lazy moves and cognitive problems such as decreased ability to manage stress and negative effects on decision making to use a healthy lifestyle.

Experiencing changes in sleep patterns for some time, such as compressing a child or family member or experiencing insomnia due to stress, is natural and is a sleep grouping pattern that can be easily overcome. However, the problem of chronic sleep patterns such as those that occur in a long time, continuously, and continuously.
Risk factors for heart disease that occur due to lack of sleep

Some causes of disease can occur in someone who has difficulty sleeping, overcome:

1. Obesity
Obesity, known as a trigger for damage to the heart and blood vessels, can significantly increase blood pressure. Weight gain due to sleep forms a form of slavery function.
In this case, obesity can be triggered by two things, namely the process of burning fat and hormones that affect appetite. When lack of sleep, the body does not produce energy from food or fat deposits optimally. In addition, lack of sleep also causes us to have less physical activity and use energy from food stores.
Lack of sleep is also difficult to make us get hungry because the process of satiety hormone secretion that requires more hunger than lack of sleep.

2. Hyperglycemia and risk of diabetes

As metabolic metabolism, diabetes has a feature that can damage blood function which increases blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia. This can occur due to lack of time Improve the body in making repairs and increase blood sugar levels. Overcoming hyperglycemia can release fat buildup in blood vessels arising from atherosclerosis which is an early sign of coronary heart disease.

3. Increased cholesterol

Cholesterol is an important nutrient obtained from food, but an optimal process is needed, so it is not possible to occur in the bloodstream. When a person lacks sleep, they have difficulty metabolizing the type of bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein (LDL). What if it happens for a long time, cholesterol levels in the blood will increase and can reduce damage in the blood vessels and heart.

4. High blood pressure
Increased blood pressure and heart rate are the effects of the shortest sleep deprivation. Some studies have shown a lack of nighttime sleep will increase blood pressure right on the next visit. If it occurs continuously, then an increase in blood pressure can be primary hypertension which is a risk factor for various cardiovascular diseases.

The impact of sleeping too long on heart health
The average adequacy of quality sleep is only 7 to 9 hours per day. Excessive sleep that occurs continuously can occur to the overall health of the body and the effects that are caused are not much different from lack of sleep.
The simplest impact of lack of sleep time is the reduced amount of time for physical activity so it is easier to repair obesity. Being overweight and lacking in sleep can help blood inflammation due to the release of a cytokine protein to compile sleep for too long. Inflammation of blood vessels is a risk factor for stroke heart disease.
Excess sleep too

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