Herniated Nucleus Pulposus (HNP)

The bone expert from the Premier Bintaro Hospital, Dr. Harmantya Mahadhipta, said that neuropathic nerve or HNP if left prolonged can be fatal, triggering paralysis.

“If left then it could result in paralysis, in the sense of neurological defects,” said Harmantya in Jakarta, Saturday (27/08/2016).

He explained the neurological defect can be a loss of ability to control the urge and large desire, impotence, to numbness. The initial stage of paralysis starts from the difficulty of grasping, lifting arms then followed by paralysis in both legs. The most common symptom of the nerve nerve is pain in the legs that radiate from the heel, calf, up to the waist. “Pain, numbness in accordance with the limbs nerve nerve,” said Harmantya.

The main cause of the disease is due to excess baggage, sitting too long, to overweight. “A powerful way to prevent nerve nerves is to reduce the load on the waist, if you want to lift heavy-weight, it must strengthen the muscle.The easiest way to strengthen muscles by swimming,” he explained.

Mostly, people come to the doctor after the condition is more severe. To deal with spinal problems can be done with the technique of “Minimum Invasive Spine Surgery” (MISS), which is a surgical technique performed without having to open muscle tissue.

There is also a new technique that is “Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression” or PLDD is minimally invasive action by inserting a needle into the skin followed by jabbing a needle into the skin aimed at the “disc” and then given energy from the laser. The result is “disc: it will shrink so that the clamp on the nerve can be liberated.

“PLDD action is safe because it does not require general anesthesia but only local anesthesia in the needle inserted,” he said. Through surgery and laser action, the cure rate of nervous patients kejepit reach 80 percent. (Antara)