Luvina Healthy Latex Pillow (Massage)

Luvina Healthy Latex Pillow (Massage) is designed based on German standardization and technology, producing quality pillows and in accordance with the curves of the human body. Making it perfect reduces pressure on the part of the body and helps release tension in the head, neck and arms.

Luvina Healthy Latex Pillow (Massage) :
– 100% natural Latex
– Ideal for headaches or neck spasms.
– Accelerate blood circulation.
– Support for an ideal sleeping posture.
– Excellent level of comfort
– Anti-allergy
– Hygienic, bacteria-free
– Removable cover & easy to clean
– Long-lasting (10-15 years)

Luvina Healthy Latex Pillow (Massage) is equipped with Premium Pillow Cover that can improve air flow and serves to reduce body temperature. It makes your head area still feels cool and comfortable throughout the night.


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 60 x 40 x 12 cm
× Luvina Customer Care