Sleeping surrounded by dolls full of fur is not healthy. Such sleeping position will make the baby difficult to breathe, easy to feel hot, and not sleep soundly. Not to mention the doll’s feathers that can fly into the mouth or nose at any time, this fur will be very dangerous if it enters the respiratory tract. If breathing is difficult, the baby is threatened with SIDS or known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a sudden death. In addition, the researchers also did not recommend that babies sleep on their stomach. As quoted from, babies who are prone to sleeping on their stomach have more potential for SIDS. In a prone position, the baby’s stomach will support his body, the lungs will be difficult to work optimally because he must be sandwiched between the body and the mattress. Respiration then begins to be disrupted and difficulty breathing becomes the main potential for death. Experts advise to reverse the position of babies who like to sleep on his stomach. Lie on your baby, or roll on both sides. If breathing, the sleep will be more restful and the baby will be healthier

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