I am a trader crops in Solo. Every day I often spend hourrs to sit and serve my customers. The result is my lower back often aches and pains, I also became easily tired and rarely have deep sleep at night.

I see Luvina first time at The Park Mall Solo Baru and I was interested by the banner : Solution for Back and waist pain.

Having explained I was interested to try it. Embarrassed try in the mall, I wonder if I can try at home. The next day, Luvina team came to me and I try Luvina Back Stretcher in 10 minutes. I feel my back muscles are really pulled and relieved my lower back pain, I decided to buy Luvina Back Stretcher.

Indeed, I can feel immediately the benefits and till this day I still routinely use Luvina Back Stretcher ad I have deep slept now. Thanks Luvina…