Not just any pillow can be used for headwear when sleeping. The pillow material will affect comfort and health. Dr. Indra Tjahjono SpRM said that the pillow material should be flexible, following the neck and spinal muscles. Sleeping using a pillow aims to rest the neck and spinal muscles. Things that need to be considered when sleeping are, Symmetrical and ergonomic.

Symmetrical means that the right and left neck muscles are balanced, while ergonomics means achieving a balance of muscle function. That’s why Dr. Indra T SpRM, rehabilitation specialist at Husada Utama Hospital, Surabaya, strongly discourages sleeping without using a pillow. The position will make the head look up and cause pinched nerves. Sometimes because it’s already tired when working on a task or something else, without realizing we are making books / hands as headrests aka pillows, it is not very good for health. If prolonged, the hole where the outgoing nerve roots (intervertebral foramen) can shrink. The impact … neck feels sore, sore, or tingling.

The latex pillow optimally supports the position of the contour of the head, neck, and human backbone optimally. So that when we rest this pillow can relieve pain & pressure, reduce high pressure in areas that kill capillary blood flow and cause tingling and dizziness. In addition to latex pillows can reduce pressure can also help get oxygen and nutrients for our muscles, it is great for resting the abdominal muscles and back of the back.

We will get the perfection of the night rest with latex pillows which are deliberately produced with an exclusive process that is environmentally friendly. Latex pillows are composed of open cell structures and hollow designs for temperature changes. The variations in pressure formed by latex pillows are up to 33 percent more than ordinary pillows. In the production of latex for pillows, there are ingredients that can protect anti-microbial pillows, anti-fungal, anti-fleas. The design of this ventilated natural latex can create an increase in air circulation, so that when we use it can add a very special comfort.

Physically the latex pillow is designed to be resistant to moisture & body heat. Latex pillows bounce and will not be flat, flat or flexible. Long lasting, when the dacron pillow has been deflated the latex pillow is still like new, maybe 10 new years feels less physical.


Source: Detik.com