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Three Characteristics of Waist Pain due to Pinched Nerve

Every adult generally has experienced low back pain. However, not all low back pain is caused by a HNP. Usual waist pain is generally caused by muscle stiffness and can heal by itself.
According to doctor Muki Partono, Sp. OT from Pondok Indah Group Hospital, to find out any indication of nerve or herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP) required deep examination and evaluation.

But, there are at least three traits that can be a sign of a nervous nerve. “People with HNP usually have a characteristic, feel the pain waist while doing certain activities, the pain also spread from waist to leg, or pain in the knee. If the usual low back pain healed, but if the HNP  will last long, “he explained in the discussion Media Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression, in Tesate, Jakarta (7/3).

Doctor Muki stressed, when begin to feel the signs, it’s good immediately consult a doctor. Because if not immediately get the right treatment, will certainly disrupt the activity and can cause paralysis.
The nervous nerves are caused by pressure in the nerves, especially at the waist or neck. This pressure causes the protrusion of the core of the disc into the bone pads that suppress the nerves.

Treatment of nerve nerve is not always by surgery. You can do your own treatment at home, with the help of the right therapeutic tool. Using Luvina Stretcher on a daily basis can help to stretch your spinal structures again. This can prevent neck pain, low back pain, bowing, and nerve cuff. In addition Luvina Stretcher is also equipped with Powered Magnet 3500 GAUSS magnitude that has many health benefits.