Very often feeling lazy covers us, for boarding children usually use a roll bed, and very often after being lazy to roll out the bed, so prefer a mattress on the floor, even though sleeping on the floor is not good for health, besides there are also other causes that choose to sleep on the floor maybe because of the weather, the hot weather prefers to sleep on the floor which is rather cooler than having to sleep on a mattress, sleeping on the floor besides the danger to health is also not good for facial hygiene, spending the floor used for sleep is often used to walk, pacing here and there, so the floor has a lot of germs attached to it, if we sleep on the floor, just use the base, then the germs will also stick to our skin, so we can find various diseases. For more details, we will review the dangers of sleeping without using a pedestal. Here’s the danger of sleeping without using a pedestal:

1. Colds
Because the bed is on the same floor as the bed in front, it enters quickly into the body, so it will make it in front with the wind, indeed at the beginning where the body will be comfortable in the bed below, equipped with compilation not using the base, sleeping on the floor in the middle of a long time and too much makes the body have to work more to regulate the temperature of the mattress, maybe the compilation is used to sleeping on the floor without a base will need normal, but know about organs, available lungs that are too cold, will cause a sense of colds, and is usually characterized by fever and headache, so it’s better if you want to stay healthy, don’t sleep too often on the floor without a base, even if you can use it.

2. Sinusitis

Coldness that is too cold will cause sinusitis to be disrupted. Such sinusitis is written with influenza symptoms such as clogging, headaches, and also fluid from the nose that always comes out, as well as colds, and again also marked by sneezing sneezing.

If you have been attacked by sinusitis, it is better to immediately go to the doctor because it is not immediately checked, inflammation will occur, and inflammation of the sinus cavity will be a complication such as:


3. Lung disease

It is really the danger of sleeping on the floor causing disease in the lungs, as has happened above, that the lungs are not too strong with temperatures that are too cold, so your compilation is too long in cold conditions, lung – The lungs will signal to the body such as releasing pain in the lungs which causes shortness of breath and so on. Apart from cold temperatures, the lungs can get sick from several other factors, such as a house that is not clean. Allows the nose to breathe unclean air too, such as the germs on the floor will also be inhaled to enter along with the air that enters the nose and towards the lungs, even used by using the pests of germs can also enter from the air, Prohibited from using the base the floor is very often trampled on and used to pass through the weeds, so it must be dirty. This dirty condition can make the lungs injured and consequently become inflammation of the lungs.

4. Flu and cough

Flu and cough can occur due to a body that is more cold, or the lungs that need to adjust to the existing temperature, if the lungs cannot adjust and lose, the body will not be able to work properly, so that the virus and bacteria will easily enter the body, especially flu and cough viruses that will attack the body that has a cold temperature.

5. Back pain

Not only in the lungs, it turns out that the cold ground is felt when sleeping on the floor without a base that also attacks your back, because the back also can not stand the temperature that is too cold, as questioned when bathing in cold air will also be aroused and feel pain.

6. Insect bite

It is not unusual if there are insects on the floor, because the floor is where everyone’s traffic is safe. If you sleep on the floor constantly, it is feared there are animals that enter your ears or others. It will be more dangerous and dangerous.

7. Sleep disturbed

Many things cause sleep to be difficult because of the many animals and also the cold feeling from the floor, making it easier for you to sleep.

8. Asthma
The same is true of the one described before. Asthma can be caused by inhaled air can be mixed with dust on the floor, which is certainly not good for the lungs so that it will cause difficulty breathing.

9. The body becomes weaker
This is due to the many diseases that attach to the body and respiratory organs and other organs, such as the spinal cord, until the body becomes weak. Thus your activities will also be disrupted and not free for other activities, so it is better to protect yourself so as not to make the body weak.

10. Stroke
What’s worse than the danger of sleeping without a bed is stroke, stroke will make some bodies lose the ability to process everything that the brain receives, so body parts also can not move properly. For that, keep yourself from being attacked by this frightening disease.

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