I am an active and fond of exercise. One of the sports that I tekuni is karate in 2000, I felt a pain in the spine. Initially I ignored for the check to the doctors, I try with various kinds of medicine therapies but no significant effect. And pain in the spine remains.

In 2005 my doctor and it turned out I was exposed HNP (Hernialis Nugleus Pulposus) at the lumbar vertebra no 4 and 5, there are pads protruding bones press on nerves and cause pain that is in that section. Doctors recommend treatments, therapy and taking medication from a doctor. Costs already incurred very much, already sell the house and car.

Until 2012 Mr. Dony otherwise improved, although sometimes like a pain in certain movements. However, in 2015 in December, Mr. Dony relapsed disease and very severe. He had to walk with a cane to help him walk. Career missing, many property assets issued to cure this disease.

In January he opened bukalapak sites, and interested Luvina. In the first week of usage, Mr. Dony feel a significant impact, conditions improved. I use Luvina Back Sertcher 2 times a day ie morning and evening, interspersed with yoga. And now I can walk without a cane again.

Until today, I still use Luvina Back Stertcher regularly to maintain the health of my spine. Thanks Luvina, HNP has helped cure me and make me able to walk normally, prakttis and economical.